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beastie diagram


Here I am proving that you can't get too far in the world of knitting without swatching. Since I don't know stitches per inch or rows per inch I can't really map this out. However, I have roughed out the proportions I'd like and I think I can start doing the math on figuring out how to get from X number of stitches to Y number over Z number of rows once I make some swatches. I remembered that hubbie got me a roll of pattern making paper a few years ago that's been in the basement gathering dust (from the days when I thought I'd design and sew some of my own clothes, but uh not so much has happened) so I'm thinking I can use that to graph out the number of stitches and add any design details.

My main problem is that once I get home and get Max to bed, say by 7:30 or 8 p.m., I'm usually too tired to concentrate on a project. These last few weeks I've been so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open let alone focused past 9 p.m. I wish I could go home this eve and give it another attempt, but I'm taking a class. I signed up months ago for Platen Press II, another letterpress class at SFCB. I probably won't get home until 10 p.m. tonight and I'll either be starving or too tired to eat, having dined on an Odwalla bar and water. I'm hoping to get a renewed sense of letterpress excitement since the Platen is a manageable size letterpress machine — one I hope to own and operate some day in my art barn dreams.

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