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beastie bunny sketches


I'm feeling pretty inspired for a monday. Being the little 'ol novice knitter that I am can you believe I'm thinking of writing my first pattern!? Ha, this should be interesting. I've been inspired by the sock monkey, amigurumi & other japanese crafts, Max's crib full of ugly dolls and Jess Hutch's knit toys. Combining all these ideas I've come up with beastie bunnies. I'm thinking of knitting in the round starting from the top down. I guess leaving a big open seam on top will work so I can then go back up there, pick up stitches and knit the ears. ya and I can use that open to seam to stuff the bunny. Hmmm. The legs look like fairly straight-forward tubular knitting. I'm thinking of making all the arms in a 2x2 rib pattern and attaching them afterward so they are nice and floppy. I think you can sculpt and shape the body when stuffing so they can end up squarish? Here I go experimenting...I'm sure my first ones will be wonky, but this should prove fun and a true embracing of my bunny and knitting loves and left over yarn.


Wow! I can't believe I just now found your blog. I've been missing out on all your beautiful stuff.

Very inspiring.

I'll be back here for sure!

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