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down the rabbit hole

I'm falling in love...down, down, down I go through the rabbit hole. Sure feels like it. Normally I'd define myself as a serious skeptic and unbelieving in human change. But hey you grow up and figure out that you really know nothing about life even though you know so much more than you did. Am I making any sort of sense? I'll stop philosophizing and get to the point. I always hated stuffed animals. But right now I'm so enamored with knit and handmade toys I want to eat them. I'm just not myself anymore. I can hear the caterpillar saying "who are YOU?" Meander through these links and then let me know if you've been able to resists a few "awe" and "oh"s escaping your lips!


jess hutchinson - So far in my research, I deem her the mistress of the most adorable and creative knit toys. I really want to get my hands on her patterns. I'm so sad that her book is sold out, wah.


molly chicken's blog — these japanese handicrafts make me grin - adorable!


Colobockle — these illustrations are super inspirationsal and sweet, yummy. they remind me a bit of Eric Carl, a childhood favorite of mine.

sigh. I would love to be living in my art barn right now. Fireplace roaring, lovely tunes floating through the air, hot pot of tea by my side and all the time in the world to create all the lovely things in my minds eye. dreaming...

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