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bahhhh humbug


It's a dreary day indeed. Besides the ├╝ber hectic morning struggling with sick baby, UPS deliveries, negotiating with potential non-english speaking hires, all before nine am??!@#!(*&! Then there's my boring day designing for an all-committee, no aesthetic, throw in the kitchen sink kinda crowd. Now I'm blah, blah, blogging about it and it's boring too. My apologies. It's also raining. Fitting.

On a positive note, looking forward to finishing my type set up and printing during tonight's letterpress class. I'm going early if possible...I will try to remember to take a picture of some part of the process. And I'm very excited about my humbug yarn purchase for a secret santa knit gift. Big fat size 35 needles coming my way, what fun.

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