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October 1, 2005

tips from moms for traveling with baby

Book an aisle and window seat, increasing your chances of getting the row to yourselves. Do not reserve seats by the bathroom — too much activity and you can't have a baby in the exit or bulkhead seats.

Check in at the gate and find out if the flight is full, if not, see if they will give you an extra seat for little bean and his carseat. Some airlines will sell you a 1/2 price ticket, best to ask in advance. When traveling out of the country you'll be required to pay a fee for the baby even if he doesn't have a seat.

In addition too the bottles, food/snacks, diapers etc bring extra changes of clothes for the baby and consider an extra top for you in case of a blowout. Bring 3 more diapers than you think you'll need.

You will have to carry your baby through security, free of any device such as sling, stroller, bjorn (which must be sent through the xray), so think about what's easiest for you to get the baby in/out of.

Use your stroller w/carseat in the airport and check it at the gate. If you have a case for the stroller and carseat use them. (When you check in they have super-duper large clear bags that you can also request.) Unfortunately, they are not always returned in the same shape. You might consider bringing a cheap umbrella stroller rather than your favorite fancy one.

Make sure to take advantage of the early boarding time that they give families with young children.

Nurse, bottle or pacifier or get baby to swallow any liquid on take off and landing to equalize ear pressure.

Bring a new toy or two to keep interest for a little longer than usual, though I found that at 6 months our little guy liked paper cups & straws, barf bags and seat belts just as much as anything else. At 1 year it was key to have something new. Be sure to consider your fellow passengers when packing annoying beeping/musical toys.

Bring favorite blanket, stuffed animal, wooden spoon — whatever it is for just like home comfort.

Use anti-bacterial baby wipe to clean all seat area surfaces.

Bring disposable changing sheets or a big pad like the "patemm". Many planes are not family friendly and do not have changing tables so come prepared. Those that do have changing tables in the bathrooms provide very small changing tables, making it very easy for baby to touch everything (see advice above regarding antibacterial wipes.

Bring some baby Tylenol/Benedryl in case you end up with a crazy gone bonkers or even ill baby mid-flight.

Get get an SUV or minivan when you rent cars. There is no way you will fit all of your stuff into a sedan!! I've also heard from friends that the carseats that you can rent from the car rental companies are gross - they've all said that it's better to lug your own.

if you're doing solid food, the First Years self-inflating booster seat is very easy and light to transport, it fits in the bottom of a Maclaren (so you know it's small) with room to spare for a food cooler. This converts any stable seat into a highchair, a little better than the clip-on chairs which don't work with every table, and a lot cheaper. They have them at Citikids.

Borrow as much stuff as possible. See if your family (or anyone they know) has things like a pack n' play for baby to sleep in. Ask a family member to pick up some things for you at the grocery store in advance: diapers, jars of baby food, etc.


• 3 bottles/nipples, with 3 8oz formula sets ups ready to go
• 1 pacifier [with clip-on string]
• 1 sippy cup [bring 2 large water bottles for you & baby to share]
• Bring sandwich, snack for yourself and to share if baby is eating solids
• Bring baby's favorite food. Bring pre-made food in the tupperware plastic containers
• Fruit, apple, peach & banana, string cheese, crackers, Cheerios
• favorite blanket
• favorite toy/new toy [an inflatable ball works great while traveling]
• Bib/spoons
• 10 Diapers
• Wipes [fill diaper bag container or just carry fresh unopened pack]
• Tylenol/Benedryl
• Change of clothes, whole outfit for baby
• Coat/sweater

• Stroller, stroller bag, sleeping bag accessory
• Pack-n-Play
• crib/Pack-n-Play sheet
• Baby carrier/sling
• [4] 10 oz bottles, lids & caps
• [4] No. nipples
• 2 pacifiers [bring both strings, put 1 in carry on]
• 2 sippy cups
• 4 feeding spoons, 2 small, 2 big
• Plastic feeding bowl/ colored containers & lids
• Formula travel container
• Zip lock bags
• Thermometer/baby Motrin
• [2] vinyl bibs
• Blue Cheerio – snack container [filled for plane ride/ add cookies]
• Breast Pump and accessories or Formula. 1 whole container
• Face/Body lotion
• Sun block for body & face stick
• Baby soap/shampoo
• Diaper cream
• Nail clippers
• 3 burb cloths/ 2 cloth bibs
• Bring fresh unopened pack of baby wipes [for diapers & feeding clean ups]
• Diaper Bag, changing surface
• 15-20 Diapers in suitcase [please note size in KG so you can find the same weight when traveling abroad]
• favorite blanket * should be in carry on
• extra blanket [if no room delete]
• Sleep sack
• 3 pairs of pajamas
• 3 white undershirt/onsies
• 7 shirts –5 long sleeve, 2 short sleeve
• 3-4 sweaters/sweatshirts
• 1-2 coats
• 5 pants/ 1 overall
• 5-7 pairs of socks
• Shoes
• Hat for warmth
• Hat for sun
• TOYS/Stuffed animals – as many as you can stand to bring cause variation keeps him occupied and things from home will make him feel safe and comfortable. go through toy box and find good ones that are small, like the wood rattle, little wind-up car, blue ball, rainforest color book, a few for the bath, from the changing table etc. Pack first then see what fits. BONUS ** See if you can find the time to buy a few new small toys that he’s never seen so when you break them out he’s interested