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singing praises

I’m still on the fence about the ongoing debate over whether technology is really advancing society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no luddite (I needed to work that word in since I love it so). There are plenty of good arguments on both sides. Sure I’m thrilled about the fancy machines that save lives, the ability to map DNA and figure out which genes are wrecking someones health and other such medical marvels. However, when it comes to my job I seriously wonder most of the time if the good old days of paper and pen would be more efficient and secure. The odds of the office burning down are far less than that of my machine crashing or corrupting itself or someone hacking in.

That said, I’ve recently been immensely pleased with technology. Each morning when I’m just about ready to leave the house to catch the MUNI’s J train I check NextBus.com to see precisely when the train is coming (or in the case of MUNI – not coming). It shows me the next three trains arrival intervals ie. 3, 10 & 25 minutes. It’s ridiculously accurate too. Apparently all trains are connected to a GPS satellite so the site knows exactly where each train is at all times. It’s so fun!! I can continue to lounge about in my lovely warm kitchen knowing that the train won’t be there for another 10 minutes. I keep marveling at how lame the olden days used to be when one would just walk to the train and simply wait. I used to gamble waiting for the J train at the end of my alley against walking the three blocks to the underground where I could take any KLM or S in-bound train. At least fifty percent of the time I would choose to walk the extra blocks (having already waited five or so frustrating minutes) and of course half way there the J train would roll by mocking me for having made the wrong choice yet again. How I love NextBus and yes, how I love the Treo 600 that my man gave me and programmed a bookmark for the in & out lines so I know whether to run or saunter down the alley (or give up on MUNI altogether and take BART). Thank you Markie Mark, xoxo.

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