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June 30, 2004


inbelly.jpg baby_boy.jpg

We had another sonogram this am (06.30.04 @ 24 weeks). This one was supposed to be a quickie just to check my cervix since it’s on the cusp of being incompetent (did you really want to know that?). I assumed it would be an in and out appointment and wouldn’t be the big ordeal of the last sonogram. Of course Markie Mark being the ultimate smartie pants on such occasions had suggested that I drink the 8 glasses of water and follow the sono-rules. I, however, being the ultimate rebel on most occasions followed along with my assumption and didn’t drink the water. So low and behold, the first question from the technician is “How full is your bladder?” I confess that it is not at all full (and I am therefore quite comfortable, thank you) but she says ok fine then we won’t be doing a full sonogram so you won’t be seeing the baby. My heart sank with disappointment. Really? Wah! My assuming and rebellious self has spoiled my fun?!

So we do the measure thingee. I’m silently pouting. Turns out my cervix is small but bigger than the last technician measured, so no more worrying about that. Then the technician (really wish I had asked her name, she deserves kudos) asks if it’s a boy or a girl? I tell her we think it’s a boy. She says “think?” "You weren’t sure what you saw last time? Who did your last exam?" She starts flipping madly through my chart. I tell her that the last technician only gave us one photo of the baby’s profile and though we think we saw a penis, I really can’t be sure what I saw anymore. Then I mention that we recently heard from Man Bun’s cousin that they were told they were having a boy but out popped a girl. Hearing that story had of course made me doubt how believable my last exam really was.

My now favorite technician rises to the challenge and whips out the belly sonogram. She doesn’t hesitate to squeeze a load of sono-goo on my belly and starts searching for genitalia. She immediately finds the baby penis and scrotum and starts doodling white contour lines around the screen. Her onscreen drawings were fabulous and really helped us see through the black and white sono-fuzz. She asks me if I do yoga. I say "yes". She says "well so does your boy" and proceeds to show us his downward dog pose. He looks as if he is about to poke his eye out with his toe. Ok, fun over," get dressed," she says, " meet me in the office."

I dress, we go into the hall and run right into her. She then whips out photos. How excited am I that I get more pictures of our boy - a constant reminder plus visual evidence that he really is a boy. Then I get sooooooo tickled when she shows us what she drew on the back of the pictures.
See drawings... How darling are those sketches?!!@$! I just love her visual explanation of how he is sitting right now. I’ve truly had an amazing morning.